Chef Robert Kraatz, Jr.

SALT @ San Roc Cay

A new restaurant for a new chef. Not the typical setup along the coast, but SALT at San Roc Cay isn’t your typical coastal restaurant. Entering the company at its inception as the Executive Sous Chef, Chef Rob has been an integral part of its growth through its freshman year and feels poised to make its mark in the community over its sophomore run. “We’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to Southern Cuisine,” says the first time Executive Chef, “we just want to provide the highest quality of product and service that we can. We want to be perfectionists at our craft, not celebrities or artists.”

With a beautiful view of San Roc Marina from the newly renovated dining room, SALT offers a beautiful atmosphere for both locals and tourists. And with a new menu to balance the improvements to the dining room SALT is sure to capture the hearts of its patrons. “We spent a year trying different things. Constantly changing our menu and approach, gathering feedback. We took the best items from that first year, researched where and how to get the very top tier quality of components, and then planned and executed the menu over and over and over again. My Sous Chefs and BOH team did dish after dish like a football team running practice drills. We practiced until we knew every plate down in our bones, and now we’re ready to play our season and take home a championship” says Chef Rob.

“Our new menu is amazing! We have a selection of 1855 Black Angus Prime and Prime Plus Beef that I would happily put up against anyone’s. We still carry nothing but fresh, cut in house, Gulf Fish. And our House Specialties section is a great way to see what we’re about. From our Sesame Crusted Yellowfin Tuna and Snapper Mon Louis to our Seafood Cioppino with Hand Made Pasta or Beef Tournedos in AL Bourbon Glaze, you can’t go wrong” says Sous Chef April Smith.

“I am a US Army Veteran,” says Chef Rob, “and I still carry that sense of Honor and Integrity into our kitchen. Our standards are everything to us. If the quality isn’t up to our level, we do not serve it.”

SALT @ San Roc Cay  |  27267 Perdido Beach Blvd, Ste D-1  |  Orange Beach, AL 36561  |  (251) 589-7258  |  SALT @ San Roc Cay