Chef Ignacio Bernal

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Inspired by Nature: The Art of Meaningful and Intentional Cooking

Chef Ignacio Bernal was only eight years old when he realized his passion for food. It was while preparing meals alongside his mother, Alejandrina, that he not only learned about her love for cooking, but developed a deep respect for the culinary arts. “Nature is abundant,” he recalls his mother saying, “It takes care of us by providing the gift of food.” Alejandrina stressed the importance of respecting each ingredient and instilled upon Bernal the importance of learning how to use them to create meaningful dishes.

Deeply inspired by his mother and nature, Chef Bernal’s passion for food catapulted his culinary career. He embarked on a journey learning a variety of different techniques and about cuisines inspired by cultures from all over the world.

In 2012, Bernal welcomed the opportunity to work and train under Chef Todd Misner at Stinky’s Fish Camp. Under Misner’s mentorship, Bernal’s skills and cooking techniques skyrocketed to a new level. Misner’s direction and inspiration placed Bernal in a position to successfully take on the role of Sous Chef. Three years later, Bernal accepted the position of Chef de Cuisine at Stinky’s where he continued to grow and learn.

Vin’tij Food & Wine in Miramar Beach, known for its fresh approach to seafood, creative menus, and impressive wine boutique, welcomed Chef Bernal into their family in 2018. It is here that he fine-tuned his knowledge about pairing food with wine. The owners of Vin’tij Food & Wine quickly identified Bernal’s talents and fit with their eclectic yet unpretentious style, and celebrated him with a promotion to Chef de Cuisine.

Vin’tij Food & Wine is committed to providing memorable dining experiences where high-quality food is intentionally designed to complement its expansive wine selection. Chef Bernal continues to influence and elevate Vin’tij Food & Wine’s menu with the addition of new items including dishes with a Latin flare.

Chef Bernal’s desire to learn and grow as well as his ability to continue developing new expertise distinguishes him in the field of culinary arts. He continues to deliver more than expected, and Vin’tij Food & Wine is proud to have him on the team.

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